Oakville Area

Kub Kar Fun Day! (Updated)

Oakville's 39th annual Kub Kar Fun Day has come and gone but the memories will, surely, last!

On Saturday, March 4th, 2017 Oakville area Kubs gathered at the Sheridan College, Athletics Building to test their Kub Kar manufacturing skills in head to head races. From hotdog cars to army vehicles and everything in between there was no shortage of creativity.

No doubt about it everyone had a blast, we won't soon forget the neck and neck races and photo finishes throughout the day. 

Check out some pictures below!


DSC05848 - Kub Kar Rally - Scene.JPG

DSC05882 - Kub Kar Rally - Ready to Race.JPG

DSC05867 - Kub Kar Rally - Scene.JPG

DSC05858 - Kub Kar Rally - Scene.JPG


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