Oakville Area

The "Battle" at 2016 Oakville Area Beaveree

In a galaxy far away, on Father’s Day weekend Oakville Area held their annual Summer Beaveree with 100 youth and 200 total attendees. This year’s theme was Star Wars. Padawan went on a Friday night hike to hear the wisdom of the elders, followed by a full day of Jedi training in their hand made Padawan costumes and lightsabers. The weekend culminated in an EPIC Sunday morning battle. Fathers were dressed in their “I am your Father” Father’s Day T-shirts they received that morning. As the Fathers lined up with their loaded squirt guns beside Darth Vader for battle, the Padawan charged the field, pool noodle lightsabers drawn and ready! With the theme music blaring over the loud speaker the battle ensued. Although scripted to lose the battle, Darth and the Fathers fought bravely and took as many wet Padawan down with them as they could. Definitely a great start to Father’s Day and an epic finale to a fantastic camp.


Special thanks to the Pilarski family and Swiss Chalet Milton for sponsoring our delicious lunch!


Last known photo of the Fathers
Fearless in the face of a certain soaking


The padawan strike hard and fast
To War Gentlemen
They fought and died bravely on the battlefield
Imperial Forces protect Lord Vader
Darth is getting swarmed in the middle but it’s the dead dad legs in the corner that cracks me up.
Post battle.

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